Watch What Idiot Whoopi Did IMMEDIATELY After Finding Out Castro Died

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Millions of people all over the world breathed a huge sigh of release on Friday when Cuban dictator Fidel Castro finally passed away at the age of 90.

Despite the fact that Castro was a communist people who killed millions of people during his reign of terror, Barack Obama spoke out to honor him after his death, offering his “condolences” to Castro’s family and his assurances to his heir Raul Castro that the U.S. remains a “friend and partner.”

Americans everywhere were appalled by Obama’s comments, but Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow nitwit hosts of the ABC talk show The View were quick to defend the president.

Goldberg had the nerve to say that a lot of people did not think of the communist Castro regime as “being bad,” indicating that she supports the far left ideologies of the communist nation. Fellow idiot Joy Behar then chimed in to praise Cuba for their “free education” and “top of the line medical care,” suggesting that she too is a communist.

Frankly, it’s sickening that these women are allowed to continue preaching their idiotic, communist views on television. SHARE this story if you think The View should be CANCELLED!

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