Bill Clinton Slips Up – Reveals MASSIVE Secret About Hillary’s Health

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Last year, investigative author Ed Klein published a tell-all book about Hillary Clinton that contained some shocking revelations about her health. Now, Klein has revealed that even former President Bill Clinton thought his wife was in denial about her health problems.

“Bill was so concerned (about her health) that he asked a well-known cardiologist to review Hillary’s medical records,” Klein claimed in “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary.” “After looking over her cardiograms and X-rays and other records, the cardiologist recommended that Hillary travel with a full-time physician who would keep her under constant observation.”

Conservative Tribune reported that this doctor was later seen with Hillary during campaign events holding what looked like a syringe in his hand.

Bill was reportedly scared to bring up these issues to his wife, as he was afraid she would verbally assault him.

“Bill told me that he tiptoed into the dangerous territory of suggesting that maybe Hillary should rethink whether she had the physical stamina to take on the tortures of a presidential campaign,” Klein quoted one of Clinton’s friends as saying.

Earlier this month, Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed his fears about Hillary’s health on his “Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast.

“I still am worried about what her doctors are doing,” he said, according to The Daily Caller. “Doctors get turned on by taking care of special people: ‘They’re going to think I’m really good. How extraordinary. Hillary Clinton thinks I’m the best doctor in the land.’ They get turned on by it too much.”

Pinsky added that he believes Hillary’s doctors are giving her “reckless” treatment that could put her life at risk.

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