BREAKING: Jill Stein Shocks Everyone With MASSIVE Recount Announcement

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein has spent the last few weeks demanding recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. She cited voter fraud as the main reason for calling for a recount despite the fact that she had no evidence that voter fraud ever took place.

Now, however, Stein has finally conceded that there will not be a recount in Michigan after the state’s Supreme Court shot it down by a vote of 3-2. Daily Mail reported that a bitter Stein conceded the recount in an interview in which she slammed this country’s voting system claiming that if the recount had been allowed to move forward, Trump’s win would have been overturned.

“We may be moving out of the court of law, but we’re moving into the court of public opinion,” Stein said.

Though Stein’s movement is over in Michigan, it’s not done in the other states. A federal judge ruled on Friday that the recount in Wisconsin can continue, and a judge in Pennsylvania is expected to rule on the recount later today.

If these three states were to flip to Clinton, she would win the presidency instead of Trump.

“In the three states where filed recounts, we had Donald Trump, his superPACs and the Republican Party pulling out all the stops,” Stein said. “And you have to wonder, why are they doing this? What is Donald Trump afraid of? Either he does not have faith in democracy or he does not believe he won this election.”

Stein and her supporters claim that there were serious voting irregularities in Michigan.

“Count every vote, and make sure every vote counts,” Stein said. “This dysfunction in our elections flows downhill. It flows to communities that do not have resources…The equipment that’s used is prone to break. And it’s not just the 87 scanners that failed in Detroit on Election Day.”

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