BREAKING: Major Development In Hillary Clinton Investigation – IT’S HAPPENING

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Hillary Clinton thought she was out of the woods in terms of the investigation into her use of a personal email server. That’s why it came as a major surprise to her this week when she learned that Congress has no intention of halting their investigations into her actions during her time as Secretary of State.

The Political Insider reported that House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz told Fox this week that Clinton’s actions raised so many red flags that Congress “can’t just simply let this go.” He added that though Obama could pardon Clinton, he has a “duty and an obligation to actually fix the problems that were made with Hillary Clinton.”

Though Trump has said that investigating Clinton is not a priority, Chaffetz said that a “political election does not extinguish the need for transparency, truth, and justice. We want to get to the truth.” He added that Congress still does not have enough information to properly conclude their investigation into Clinton’s email server.

“There are tens of thousands of documents the State Department still has not turned over to the United States Congress that should be available,” Chaffetz said. “There’s issues relating to the Department of Justice. I still think that the federal government needs to provide to Congress the records which we sought.”

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