BREAKING: New Evidence Surfaces About Lynch/Clinton Meeting – She Should Be DISBARRED

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Millions of conservatives were enraged back in June when Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix, Arizona Airport despite the fact that the Justice Department’s investigation into Hillary Clinton was still ongoing at the time.

Days after the meeting, FBI Director James Comey closed the investigation into Hillary, leading many to accuse the Obama administration of interfering on the Democratic presidential candidate’s behalf to have the investigation closed.

Though Lynch said at the time that she only discussed grandchildren with the former president during that infamous meeting, it is now clear that she met with Bill to reassure him that the Obama administration would never allow Hillary to be charged.

There was so much evidence against Hillary that it’s ludicrous that she is not in prison right now. However, it’s clear that the Obama administration had planned to step in to protect Clinton from the very beginning.

Unfortunately for Obama and his team, however, they might have overplayed their hand. When Lynch was caught meeting with Bill, it put her under a microscope, making it impossible for her to step in again and save Hillary when FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into her days before the election.

In the end, the Obama administration made their beds, and now they can lie in them! SHARE this story if you can’t WAIT for the Obama administration to be out of power!


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