BREAKING: Obama’s Dirty Secret Leaks DAYS Before He Leaves Office

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Barack Hussein Obama is currently on his annual, 17-day vacation to Hawaii, where he is spending millions and millions of our tax dollars on his own lavish vacations. Now, the exact number of dollars Obama has spent on vacations since taking office has been revealed, and it’s downright staggering.

McClatchy DC reported that the Obama family has spent a whopping $85 million in tax dollars on their extravagant vacations since taking office. This number is expected to climb to over $90 million once their final vacation to Hawaii comes to an end…

This was revealed by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, who filed a Freedom of Information request to find this out. This figure comes from the incredibly expensive cost of Air Force One and other government planes as well as helicopters, cargo planes, armored cars, Secret Service protection and advance, communications and medical staff.

“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”

In contrast to Obama, President-Elect Donald Trump rarely takes vacations. When he does, he prefers to stay at his own properties, which will lower the cost considerably for taxpayers.

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