BREAKING: The Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump Feud Is Officially Over

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Throughout Donald Trump’s entire presidential campaign, he engaged in a bitter feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. She, in turn, alienated Fox News fans by repeatedly criticizing Trump on her show The Kelly File as she tried to appeal to more mainstream audiences.

Now that Trump has won, however, Kelly is desperately trying to backtrack in a big way. IJ Review reported that Kelly spoke to reporters this week to say that the hatchet is buried in her battle with Trump.

“I went to see him at Trump Tower and we had a great exchange. And everything has been in a much better place since then. For that I’m very happy,” she told TMZ.

When asked if she would have Trump on her show, Kelly replied, “absolutely,” but something tells us he won’t want to appear on it…

This is in stark contrast to what Kelly said of Trump when she was trying to promote “Settle For More,” her new memoir:

“And the reason, among others, is that as a First Amendment issue — what Donald Trump did to me has real implications. I mean, I have a powerful microphone and a powerful platform at Fox News.

And I had a company that had my back. However, not every journalist has that. And not every journalist is quite as established as I am at this point in my career.

And so if a President Trump were to come after a journalist the way he — the candidate Trump — came after me, I think it could be potentially dangerous.”

Kelly can try to smooth things over with Trump all she wants, but his supporters aren’t going to forget how she treated him. SHARE this story if you want Megyn Kelly OFF Fox News!

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