BREAKING: Trump Just Made A Decision That NOBODY Saw Coming

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Ever since Donald Trump first entered the presidential race, liberals have been whining about the conflict of interest his diversified portfolio of individual stocks that he owned presented in addition to the businesses of which he was figurehead. This complaining only got worse after Trump won the election, but he silenced his haters on Tuesday with a shocking announcement that put their fears to rest.

The Washington Post reported that Trump spokesman Jason Miller revealed yesterday that the president-elect sold all his shares in companies back in June. This move could have created a cash windfall as it came at a time when Trump was gearing up to begin an expensive general election campaign that he planned to fund personally with “major contributions.”

Miller did not say why Trump had sold the shares, how much he sold them for, or whether he has bought anything since. The president-elect will not be required by law to file another personal financial disclosure until May 2018.

The Post reported:

The June stock sale would have coincided with a point when Trump was pouring money into his presidential campaign. During the Republican primary, Trump loaned his campaign $47 million of his own money. In June, as the general election began, he formally forgave the loan and began making cash infusions to his campaign, first donating $2 million on June 22.

Trump then gave $2 million a month between July and August before donating $10 million in October. Much of Trump’s campaign was ultimately funded by other donors. In all, Trump gave his campaign $66 million, federal filings show – short of the $100 million that he repeatedly claimed he was spending on his race.

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