BREAKING Trump Reveals First Thing He’ll Do After Inauguration – Obama Panicking

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President-elect Donald Trump just sent fear down the spines of liberals everywhere when he announced that he plans to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace deceased Justice Antonin Scalia soon after Inauguration Day on January 20.

“That’s going to be something that we’re going to start after the New Year, and certainly by the time we get to inauguration, either shortly before or shortly thereafter,” Republican National Committee chairman and future White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday.

Conservative Tribune reported that though Priebus didn’t list any particular names, he did say Trump would name “the most qualified, best person to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Experts say Trump is likely to choose a solidly pro-life judge and that the name will likely come from the list of 11 potential Supreme Court justices his campaign released in May. This list of potential justices included: Steven Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado, Raymond Gruender of Missouri, Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, Joan Larsen of Michigan, Thomas Lee of Utah, William Pryor of Alabama, David Stras of Minnesota, Diane Sykes of Wisconsin and Don Willett of Texas.

One thing that is certain is that the person Trump chooses will not be Merrick Garland, the liberal justice that Barack Obama selected to replace Scalia immediately after his death last February. The GOP-led Senate has refused to vote on the U.S. Court of Appeals justice’s nomination, much to the dismay of liberals.

Who do you think Trump will choose to appoint to the Supreme Court? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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