Entitled Megyn Kelly Makes Smug Announcement – Gets Beat Down IMMEDITELY

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Megyn Kelly has been slowly alienating Fox News fans over the past year by pandering to liberals with her frequent attacks on Donald Trump in the hopes of appealing to mainstream audiences. This strategy has since come back to bite her, as her ratings have dropped exponentially.

Unfazed, Kelly gave an interview to The New York Times this week about some of her fashion choices. She was immediately asked about the infamous spaghetti-strap dress that she wore to the Republican National Convention in July.

Many were offended by the outfit, saying that Kelly looked like she was about to go to a nightclub, but she refused to apologize for it.

“It was a lovely dress,” she said. “A convention is a kind of free-form extravaganza, and there are certain settings where you can take risks. So I just thought: ‘Yes, I can do this. I can be smart and challenging while I wear spaghetti straps, and everyone is just going to have to get their heads around that.’”

Just to prove this point and laugh in the face of her “haters,” Kelly said she’s worn the dress again.

“I felt very strongly, I was not going to be defined by what someone else deemed appropriate,” she said.

It’s this kind of smug, liberal attitude that has caused so many of Kelly’s former fans to turn on her. Many have taken to Twitter to let Kelly know that they want her off Fox News as soon as possible.

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