Gene Simmons BLACKLISTED After Telling Liberal Celebrities to ‘Shut Their Pie Holes’ About Politics

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In the liberal entertainment industry, it’s rare to find anyone who is brave enough to risk their careers by attacking loudmouth liberals. That’s why it came as a massive surprise this week when KISS frontman Gene Simmons did exactly that.

During an interview on Fox Business this weekend, Simmons unloaded on loudmouth liberal celebrities, telling them to “shut their pie holes and do what they do best — act, sing, tap dance … all that kind of stuff.”

Conservative Tribune reported that Simmons went on to say that anyone actually caring what a celebrity thinks is the “height of foolishness.”

“The Founding Fathers in their wisdom actually did many things right, including creating the Electoral College,” Simmons explained, adding that he supports the Electoral College. Simmons supported the Electoral College, which he said solved the issue of the popular vote.

“The Electoral College has spoken. It was created to circumvent all sorts of issues, including the popular vote,” he said.

“President-elect Trump is the president,” Simmons added. “You can like it, you cannot like it. He’s the new president, that’s the end of the story.”

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