Here’s What REALLY Happened During Romney’s Dinner With Trump – Watch Closely…

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Throughout the presidential election, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney regularly spoke out against Donald Trump. That’s why it has come as a surprise that Romney is in the running to become Trump’s Secretary of State.

On Tuesday night, Trump and Romney met for dinner to discuss the president-elect’s administration. Now, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has spoken out to reveal what REALLY happened at this meeting.

“Both Reince Priebus and Donald Trump were having filet. On Mitt Romney’s plate there was a big, big slice of crow,” Huckabee said Wednesday, according to Western Journalism. “The irony here is that it’s not so much the relationship Donald Trump has with Mitt Romney. It’s the relationship that Mitt Romney has with voters who elected Donald Trump.”

Huckabee reminded viewers that Romney did not only insult Trump during his campaign, he also targeted his supporters.

“I think that the outrage that is being expressed among many Trump supporters is that it wasn’t just that Romney dissed Donald Trump, but that he really took a swipe and spoke contemptuously of the people that made Donald Trump the president of the United States,” Huckabee said. “Because Mitt Romney said they were a bunch of suckers to follow him.”

“At some point, he has to address that,” he added.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer then asked Huckabee why he thinks Trump is “working so hard” on a potential relationship with Romney.

“I think he wants to show that he’s not a person to hold a grudge,” Huckabee answered. “It’s an important message to send to Democrats. It’s an important message to send to Republicans who didn’t support him.”

The former governor said the most important thing for Trump to do is to surround himself with trustworthy, loyal people.

“Because ultimately, he’s going to make decisions and his Cabinet members are not going to be out there making their own decisions and going rogue. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t be on the Cabinet,” Huckabee said.

“Well, we’re going to see what happens,” he responded when asked if Romney will be the next Secretary of State.

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