Hillary Clinton Just Got Some DEVASTATING News

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Hillary Clinton was hoping that the movement to convince electors to not vote for Donald Trump would cost him some votes on Monday, when the Electoral College convened. That’s why it was doubly humiliating when the only candidate to lose electoral votes ended up being her…

Daily Caller reported that Clinton lost four electoral votes in Washington state on Monday when electors cast their votes for Colin Powell and American Indian activist Faith Spotted Eagle. Washington only has 12 electors, so this means a third of their delegates refused to vote for Clinton despite the fact that she won the popular vote in the state. Three electors voted for Powell and a fourth voted for Eagle.

The Vice Presidential race was even more of a mess in Washington, with votes going to Sen. Tim Kaine but also to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Maria Cantwell, (Republican) Sen. Susan Collins, and American Indian activist Winona LaDuke.

Powell became the first Republican to get an electoral vote in Washington state since 1984, when Ronald Reagan did it.

Daily Caller reported:

Washington’s faithless electors were the first ones to successfully cast their ballots for somebody other than the winner of the state’s popular vote. An elector in Minnesota attempted to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, but was replaced due to a state law, while an elector in Maine tried to do the same, was ruled out of order, and cast their vote for Clinton during a re-vote.

Washington law specifies a $1,000 fine for faithless electors, a penalty that was apparently insufficient to deter electors from making a statement.

Clearly, liberals’ movement to force electors to vote against Trump didn’t go so well. SHARE this story if you think Clinton deserved to LOSE!

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