Jill Stein Begins Fox News Interview – IMMEDIATELY Gets A Nasty Surprise

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein has spent the last few weeks demanding recounts of election votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

On Sunday, Stein appeared on Fox & Friends for what turned out to be a very tense interview with host Chris Wallace, who implied that the recount was just a fundraiser for Stein and fellow Greens.

“Isn’t that what this is really about, Dr. Stein, using the recount to raise lots of money and build your list of supporters?” Wallace asked, according to Daily Mail

Stein replied that the money was going into a “segregated account,” which would only be used on recount efforts.

“So this – this money is entirely – will be completely used, and we’ll be lucky if we can cover the cost at the rate that there is a bait and switch going on here,” she said. “In Wisconsin, we just saw this cost triple. So, to my mind, it’s – it really underscores why we need a fundamentally secure voting system that has built-in safeguards that should have automatic audits, recounts.”

“We need to get rid of these voting machines, these electronic touch screens, which have been proven highly vulnerable to tampering, to hacking, to human and machine errors,” she added. “This is an – this is an abuse of the American vote.”

In the end, all Stein accomplished with this interview was making herself look like a fool. SHARE this story if you think Stein should GIVE UP and ACCEPT that Trump won fair and square!

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