Obama Gets DEVASTATING News After Mourning Fidel Castro

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Millions of people all over the world rejoiced last Friday when the diabolic communist dictator Fidel Castro finally passed away. That’s why it was incredibly sickening when Barack Obama released a statement immediately afterwards in which he basically honored the deadly dictator and offered his “condolences” to his family.

Now, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called Obama out in front of all of Congress to reveal his true feelings on Castro and to slam the president for mourning him.

Conservative Review reported that Cruz accused Obama of committing to a policy of “weakness and appeasement” with dictators. To combat this, he talked about how happy he is that Castro is gone forever.

“Cuba’s longtime oppressive dictator Fidel Castro is dead. Let me be absolutely clear: We are not mourning the death of some revolutionary romantic, or a distinguished statesman,” Cruz said. “We’re not grieving for the protector of peace or a judicious steward of his people. Today we are thankful. We are thankful that a man who has imprisoned, and tortured, and degraded the lives of so many is no longer with us. He has departed for warmer climes.”

Cruz also slammed Obama for sending a delegation to attend Castro’s funeral and criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s now-infamous statement commemorating Castro’s death.

“What is it about young leftists? What is it about young socialists, that they idolize communist dictators who torture and murder people?” Cruz asked.

“It is the face of oppression, the face of dictatorship, the face of evil. Let there be no mistake. Fidel Castro was evil,” the Texas Senator said.

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