‘Refugees’ Block Highway… No Nonsense Trucker LETS THEM HAVE IT

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Europe has been in crisis for the past year as their continent has been completely flooded with Muslim “refugees.” Now, a video is going viral showing a French truck driver who has had enough of migrants and their nonsense.

Conservative Tribune reported that the video below shows a trucker who is driving from France to the United Kingdom deliver an epic rant before he swerves his tractor trailer to scare migrants walking on the shoulder. The footage shows him navigating through traffic as he approaches the tunnel in Calais that will get him to England.

Unfortunately, many Muslims have resorted to violence or self-smuggling in this area to try and get across the border into the U.K. Many refugees can be seen walking down the shoulder of the highway as the driver rants.

“There is a lot of them again,” the driver said. “Here are the kids. Hello! Why don’t you sons of b*****s go back home and fight? Your women got the weapons and fighting against … ISIS! F*** you!”

The driver eventually comes upon police officers who are with a group of migrants.

“Look! We need a line of policemen to defend the highway from these filthy bastards!” the truck driver yelled.

This video shows just how dangerous and chaotic things get when a country lets too many Muslim refugees in. If we aren’t careful, Obama will inflict this chaos on our country before he leaves office…

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