Trump Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement

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Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to make America great again by bringing jobs back to the U.S. Though Barack Obama repeatedly mocked him for making this pledge, saying he would never follow through with it, Trump just proved him wrong in a big way.

Conservative Tribune reported that Trump posted something on Facebook around 9:30am, garnering over 250,000 likes by the next day. When looking at what he said, it’s easy to see why so many Americans were applauding him for it.

“My Administration will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN!”

THIS is one of the many reasons that Trump won. Americans are sick and tired of Obama putting race-baiting ahead of rebuilding our economy. We don’t want to hear our president whine about racism, we just want our jobs back!

This comes a week after The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump convinced Sprint Corp. to invest $50 billion in the U.S. and create over 50,000 jobs her following a meeting with Masayoshi Son, chairman of Sprint and CEO of SoftBank Group Corp, at Trump Tower.

KC Star reported that Son spoke with reporters afterwards to say that his plans involve new companies.

“We were talking about it, and then I said I’d like to celebrate his presidential job” because Trump will fight for deregulation, Son said.

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