Voter Fraud Discovered In Michigan – This Changes Everything

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein has spent the last few weeks demanding recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by claiming that she has evidence that voter fraud took place in those states that gave Donald Trump the win. Now, voter fraud has indeed been discovered, but it’s not the kind Stein was hoping for…

Infowars reported that it was just revealed that optical ballot scanners in Michigan that malfunctioned on election night and may have counted votes twice were situated in heavily Democratic areas, meaning that if any voter fraud took place, it actually favored Hillary Clinton. This revelation was made in an article published by Guardian that investigated broken voting machines in Detroit and one-third of surrounding Wayne County, where Clinton won in a landslide.

“Eighty-seven of Wayne County’s decade-old voting machines broke on election day, according to Detroit’s elections director, Daniel Baxter,” Guardian reported. “He told the Detroit News, which first reported the story, that ballot scanners often jammed when polling place workers were trying to operate them. Every time a jammed ballot was removed and reinserted, he suspects the machine may have re-counted it.”

This means that in an area that strongly favored Clinton, ballots may have been counted twice, so Trump’s win in Michigan might actually be far more than the 10,704 votes initially recorded.

“Wayne’s population of 1,759,335 makes it the likeliest candidate to contain errors bigger than that margin,” Guardian continued, suggesting that Clinton has absolutely no chance of overturning the vote in Michigan.

This comes as Trump has extended his lead in Wisconsin after a five day recount by 26 votes. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Clinton has only managed to gain 5 more votes thanks to the recount.

It’s safe to say at this point that this recount has been a massive fail. SHARE this story if you think Stein and Clinton should GIVE UP and ACCEPT that Trump beat them fair and square!

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