While We Were All Focused On Trump, Obama Quietly Did The Unthinkable

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Throughout his sham of a presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has almost single-handedly ruined our relationship with our once-close ally of Israel. He made things even worse for us on Friday when he allowed the United Nations to condemn the West Bank settlers in a controversial vote.

Israel has fired back at Obama by claiming that he teamed up with Palestine to draw up the resolution against them. Now, Obama is trying to use a sneaky trick to divert attention away from himself, but we aren’t going to let him get away with it.

Conservative 101 reported that Obama sent his national security advisor Ben Rhodes to argue that Israel is actually the one that is trying to create a distraction by blaming the American president.

“We never told anyone how we would vote on the text of a resolution because we didn’t know what the text of the resolution was gonna be until it was introduced by the Egyptians,” Rhodes said in a rambling, nonsensical speech.

“We had not communicated how we would vote, we did not draft it, we did not know what the text was going to be until it was put forward and the president of the United States did not even give instructions to [U.N. Ambassador] Samantha Power as to what her vote would be until the day of the resolution,” he continued.

“Let’s be clear here, Jake. This is a distraction. We own the fact that we abstained from this resolution because we believe that was the right thing, so we’re ready to defend our decision to abstain on that resolution. I think it’s the Israeli government that is trying to have this distraction from the real debate,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes claimed that the “real debate” is actually over the West Wall in Israel. How sneaky…

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