BREAKING: Obama Does The UNTHINKABLE Before Leaving White House…

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Barack Hussein Obama only has four days left of his presidency. However, he’s made it disturbingly clear that he’s planning to go out with a bang by issuing a series of executive orders against Donald Trump’s wishes.

The Washington Post reported that in the last week alone, Obama has overturned a decades­-old policy toward Cuban immigrants, forged two major agreements to address racial bias in big-city police departments and approved a massive cut in mortgage insurance premiums for hundreds of thousands of low-income and first-time home buyers.

This comes as Obama’s staffers are rushing to complete dozens of tasks that will affect millions of lives and solidify the president’s legacy. However, Trump has already promised to undo much of what Obama is doing as soon as he takes office.

“He is clearly using executive power aggressively and trying to do as much as possible in his final days,” Princeton University history and public affairs professor Julian Zelizer said in an email.

During his presidency, Obama pushed through at least 571 major rules, which is 63% more than George W. Bush. Congressional Republicans and members of the Trump transition team alike have questioned why Obama is continuing to do this given that the GOP will control both the executive and legislative branch for at least the next two years.

Last month, 23 Republican senators came together to write a letter to Obama calling on him to “cease issuing new, nonemergency rules and regulations given the recent election results of November 8.”

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