ESPN Host BLACKLISTED After Calling For Black Community To Support Trump

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Last week, comedian Steve Harvey was attacked by millions of liberals online after he met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss partnering with Trump Department of Housing and Urban Development nominee Dr. Ben Carson to work on restoring America’s inner cities.

Days later, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith weighed in on the controversy by encouraging the black community to respect Trump. Unfortunately for Smith, however, this only made the liberal Lynch mob target him…

Breitbart reported that Smith questioned whether African Americans would have had the same reaction if Trump met with popular black sports figures such as Cavaliers forward LeBron James, Warriors guard Steph Curry, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin or Orioles center fielder Adam Jones. He questioned whether people would call these celebrities “sellouts” like they did Harvey just for meeting with Trump about their concerns.

“Here is hoping Trump calls all of those guys and then some,” Smith said. “So, why have a problem with Steve Harvey? While few of us are interested in hearing praise for Trump at this moment, let’s not confuse that with recognizing the position he is in, respecting it and using our intellect to decipher where we go from here  — not our emotions. After all, how far has that gotten us?”

Sadly, Smith’s logical argument appears to have backfired as liberals continue to show how closed minded they are.

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