Jesse Ventura Gets Some BAD News After Going After Chris Kyle’s Estate

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Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura latest plan to target the family of deceased Navy SEAL Chris Kyle suffered a major setback this week when the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that they will not hear his latest arguments.

Conservative Tribune reported that Ventura has been after the Kyles for five years, beginning back the former governor claimed that the Navy SEAL made untrue claims about him in his his book “American Sniper.” Specifically, Kyle claimed that he heard Ventura say in a California bar that the Navy SEALs “deserved to lose a few” in the Iraq War. This prompted Kyle to immediately punch Ventura in the face.

Ventura says he never said anything of the kind, and he immediately filed a lawsuit against Kyle. Things went off the rails in 2014, one year after Kyle’s death, when a jury ruled in Ventura’s favor and awarded $500,000 for defamation and $1.35 million for unjust enrichment. Two years later, however, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the ruling.

Since the Supreme Court refused to hear Ventura’s arguments on Monday, the appeals court ruling will stand. Though this is partly a good thing, since it means Ventura won’t get the Kyle family’s money, it’s also bad because he can pursue the defamation allegations in court if he wants to.

It’s sickening that Ventura is still targeting Kyle’s widow and his young children despite all that they have been through. SHARE this story if this makes you SICK!

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