Michelle Obama Claims She’s A ‘Sex Symbol’ – Gets A BRUTAL Response

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Michelle Obama is so unbelievably delusional that she claimed in a recent speech that she is some sort of sex symbol. Unfortunately for her, however, the American people weren’t having any of it.

Michelle recently gave a speech in which she bragged about the many things she thinks she has accomplished during her life. Mad World News reported that the First Lady whined that she often hasn’t been taken seriously because she’s a woman, as men have only focused on her body rather than her mind.

She claimed that she is so sexy that men would constantly gawk at her as she walked down the street, swarming her and sometimes even groping her. Unfortunately for Michelle, millions of Americans had a hard time believing this, as she is known as one of the ugliest First Ladies our country has ever had.

Many took to Twitter to give Michelle the reality check she desperately needed.

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