Newt Gingrich BLASTS CNN’s Jim Acosta For Attacking Trump – He’s An ‘Idiot’

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Millions of conservatives applauded President-Elect Donald Trump yesterday after he shut down screaming CNN reporter Jim Acosta by telling him that his organization is “fake news” during a press conference.

CNN had spent the previous 24 hours reporting on a fake news story that Trump had made secret financial deals with Russia and that also contained salacious stories about encounters with prostitutes, and the president-elect had finally had enough of their nonsense.

On Thursday, TMZ caught up to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and asked him what he thought of Acosta’s behavior in the press conference. He didn’t hold anything back with his response.

“The reporter was an idiot,” Gingrich said, according to Breitbart. “Trump pointed out he was an idiot. Most people in the country thought he was an idiot. I thought from Trump’s standpoint it was fine.”

“I’m hoping Spicer will simple ban Acosta for 60 days, like hockey were you bench somebody. Acosta needs to be benched for a couple of weeks,” he added.

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