Trump Shocks Everyone With MASSIVE Announcement About Rudy Giuliani

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been an ally of Donald Trump’s ever since the beginning of his successful presidential campaign, and it looks like his efforts on the presidential-elect’s behalf have just paid off for him in a big way.

Western Journalism reported that Trump announced on Thursday that Giuliani will join his administration as an advisor to him on cybersecurity issues.

“President-elect Trump is very pleased to announce former Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend concerning private sector cyber security problems and emerging solutions developing in the private sector,” said the Trump team in a press release.

Giuliani has been a cybersecurity consultant ever since he moved to the private sector. His first job as an advisor for Trump will be bringing together private-sector leaders to determine America’s state of security and what steps will be needed to improve it.

“Mr. Giuliani was asked to initiate this process because of his long and very successful government career in law enforcement and his now 16 years of work providing security solutions in the private sector,” the Trump team said.

Giuliani talked to Fox and Friends about his new role later on Thursday.

“The president-elect decided that he wanted to bring in, on a regular basis, the people in the private sector — corporate leaders in particular and thought leaders in the private sector who are working on security for cyber because we’re so far behind,” he said.

“We’re so far behind and it’s his belief, which I share, that a lot of the solutions are out there, but we’re not sharing them,” Giuliani added. “Like cancer, there is cancer research going on all over the place. You all wish they get together in one room, maybe we find a cure. My belief, as always, the answer to cybersecurity will be found in the private sector. That is where we have the great creativity.”

“I’ll coordinate the whole thing. I’ll get the people in, make sure the meeting takes place, make sure they get the information from the private sector,” he continued.

Giulani added that America is currently playing catchup.

“Here’s what happened to us: Acquisition of information got way ahead of our ability to defend it,” he said.

The former mayor explained that his committee will foster greater collaboration, which will benefit the public and private sectors.

“It will form a little more connection between these people who are doing cybersecurity so they can work with each other,” he said.

Do you think Trump made the right call in appointing Giuliani to this position? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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