Watch This HORRIBLE Anti-Trump Woman Get BOOTED From A Packed Airplane, THIS IS AMAZING!

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Passengers on a flight from Baltimore to Seattle were delighted when police escorted a woman off the plane who had been berating her seatmate because he voted for President Trump. The Trump supporter had apparently told the Seattle native that he had come to celebrate the inauguration, which earned him an earful from the angry leftist.

The poster of the video, identified as Scott Koteskey, shared the video on Saturday, calling the encounter “craziest experience ever on an airplane .”

When the flight attendant asked if there would be a problem, the women said she would like to change seats. “Well, you don’t have that right,” the flight attendant replied.  After the attendant left, the woman went back to rebuking the man next to her saying;

“You put that man’s finger on the nuclear button’ and adding: ‘That man doesn’t believe in climate change. Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity’s just a theory?”

The flight attended who had previously spoken to her involved another airline employee, who then spoke with the woman at length, repeatedly asking her to disembark the plane.  The troublemaker insisted that she couldn’t because “her husband had just lost his mother” and she “needed to go home.”

After many calm requests from the employee to the upset passenger, asking her to remove herself and her traveling companion from the plane willingly, the police were involved, and eventually, the woman and her husband left the plane and the Trump supporter got an entire row to himself.

As the couple left the plane, followed by police, other passengers can be heard clapping and chanting “USA, USA.”

Do you think the woman had the right to keep her seat?  Let us know below in the comments.

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