You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Is Doing Today…

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Over the past eight years, we’ve all been forced to listen to first lady Michelle Obama whine and race-bait on a daily basis. Today, however, we’ll be listening to her speak as first lady for the last time.

CNN reported Michelle is scheduled to deliver her final speech as first lady later today. She will be speaking at an event honoring the 2017 School Counselor of the Year, which is meant to highlight high school counselors who have demonstrated leadership skills.

Michelle’s office released a press release before the speech saying that as first lady, she “has championed school counselors and encouraged post-secondary education for students across the country,”

If her last few speeches are any indication, Michelle will find away to sneak in some digs at Donald Trump into her final remarks while also complaining about how “hard” life was for her in the White House. During her final one-on-one interview as first lady with Oprah Winfrey, she managed to do both of those things.

“People don’t really understand how hard this is. And it’s not something you just cavalierly just ask a family to do again… Let me just tell America, This is hard,” Michelle whined to Oprah, ignoring the fact that she has spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on her lavish vacations and wardrobe ever since she took office.

Michelle also claimed that Americans have “lost hope” ever since Trump won, ignoring the fact that millions of Americans voted for him.

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