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Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was once one of the most peaceful areas of New York City and was a haven for Italian and Jewish families. Unfortunately, that all changed when the neighborhood was taken over by Muslim migrants in recent years.

Mad World News reported that since Donald Trump signed his travel ban, things have become even worse in Bay Ridge as the town has been taken over by liberal protesters. On Monday, these protesters disrupted a meeting behind held at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce being held by Republican Congressman Dan Donovan, a supporter of Trump’s ban.

“Our enemy ISIS has told us that they are going to compromise the Syrian refugee program,” Donovan told the audience.

“Protesters, many constituents of Donovan’s from Bay Ridge and Staten Island, rose to their feet, holding up signs with anti-ban slogans like ‘Ban Dan’ and ‘Bay Ridge Will Remember 2018,'” Bare Naked Islam reported. “And apparently sympathetic audience clapped, as a police officer informed the protesters that they would have to sit down or be escorted out.”

Sick and tired of the protesters, the NYPD officer told them, “If you continue to stand up, you’re going to be escorted out, you can sit down and listen or do your things with the signs. You can’t stand up, you’re not being fair to those guys [referring to Donovan and his fellow Republicans].”


This shows just what kind of chaos can happen when Muslim migrants and bleeding heart liberals take over a community. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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