Audi Launches Liberal Super Bowl Ad – Quickly Learn They Made A BIG Mistake

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Ever since Donald Trump took office, companies have been trying to separate themselves from him by portraying themselves as liberal as possible. One such company is Audi, who decided to make a very political ad for the Super Bowl in the hopes of appeasing Trump-haters.

Unfortunately for them, however, their plan just backfired big time.

Allen B. West reported that the Audi ad focuses on the gender pay gap in this country. They posted it on Twitter this week along with the caption, Women are still paid 21% less than men. As a brand that believes in progress, we are committed to equal pay for equal work.”

As we all know, the “wage gap” is actually an earnings gap that doesn’t take into account that men often work more hours than women and in different jobs. Some Twitter users were quickly able to call out Audi and expose their campaign as the fraud that it is:

Judging by the number of dislikes on this video, it appears most Americans agree…

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