BREAKING: Obama Quietly Did THIS Just Before Leaving Office

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A document posted to the State Department website this week revealed that Barack Hussein Obama gave at least $9.2 billion to the United Nations and it’s various organizations during his final year in office.

Fox News reported that this figure is 20% higher than the $7.7 billion figure given out by State for 2010, just before the Obama administration suddenly quit providing any overall tally for its U.N. support. The document that revealed this 2016 number is one that summarizes U.S. government spending for international organizations.

The new total includes $360 million given to the controversial United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, which is extremely anti-Israel and has even been accused of inciting attacks against Israel.

Trump is likely to be very critical of these numbers, as he wants to take a tough look at aligning his administration’s U.N. spending with national interests. Congress is also probably angry about this, as they had become fed-up with Obama’s anti-Israel attitude before he left office.

You can read the documents yourself here.

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