BREAKING: Trump Preparing To Sign MASSIVE New Executive Order – Freeloaders Furious…

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During Barack Hussein Obama’s sham of a presidency, millions of Americans went on welfare so that they could freeload off working taxpayers. Now, however, these welfare kings and queens have gotten some bad news…

Conservative Tribune reported that Donald Trump has drafted an executive order that will address the massive burden that welfare leaches are on American taxpayers. The executive action calls for immigrants “likely to need certain types of public aid” to be identified before they are allowed into the U.S. and for immigrants already on welfare to be deported.

In addition, the order requires strict financial responsibility for relatives who promised to support immigrants who are instead now relying on social aid. The draft estimates that the order will save taxpayers a whopping “$100 billion.”

The Center for Immigration Studies has stated that immigrants are far more likely to be on welfare than people who were born in America. Immigrants who then have children born in the U.S. are far more likely to game the system than their American counterparts.

Liberals are of course furious about this executive order, but we LOVE it! SHARE this story if you support the executive order!

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