Federal Judge Issues Major Ruling On Trump Travel Ban

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On Monday night, a federal judge in Seattle ruled that lawsuit by the states of Washington and Minnesota challenging President Donald Trump’s travel ban will proceed as an appellate court considers a preliminary injunction in the case.

Fox News reported that this came after the Department of Justice argued that the case should be put on hold while the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decides whether a larger, 11-judge panel will review a government request to allow the ban to be reinstated. U.S. District Judge James Robart, the judge who initially halted the ban, rejected this and ruled that the lawsuit can proceed.

Lawyers for Washington and Minnesota had argued that formal evidence gathering for the lawsuit should begin right away.

“Given the gravity of the states’ constitutional allegations, defendants’ stated national security concerns and the public interests at stake, the states respectfully submit that discovery should proceed without delay,” the state lawyers said.

Justice Department lawyer Michelle Bennett fired back by saying there’s no basis for speeding up the process since the states are not being harmed by the temporary injunction. However, Robart said there is a “very sensitive time issue” in this case, so he does not want it to be slowed down.

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