ISIS Migrants Preparing Massive Terror Attack – Trump Was Right…

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Ever since Donald Trump signed his immigration ban, the mainstream media has been trying to make Muslim migrants seem as innocent and non-threatening as possible. That’s why they’re trying to sweep this story under the rug…

The Express UK reported that German police recently arrested four Syrian migrants just as they were preparing to attack the city of Dusseldorf for ISIS. The wannabe terrorists had a list of dates and places to blow themselves up when they were apprehended by the authorities.

The men had planned to launch their attacks on a Friday or Saturday “because the old city centre of Dusseldorf is particularly busy on these days.” Two of the men planned to blow themselves up in the city center, while the other two were going to position themselves at the four exits of the old section of the city to “shoot as many fleeing people as possible before also blowing themselves up when their magazines were empty.”

Though the men were arrested back in June, there case is just now going to court.

One of the terrorists, identified only as Saleh A, had been given detailed instructions as to how to carry out the attack when he visited the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria. There, several ISIS leaders told him directly how best to attack the German city.

That last detail once again shows just why Trump’s travel ban is so important. SHARE this story if you think Trump’s travel ban should be reinstated!

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