Joy Behar LOSES IT After Conservative Defends Trump

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Joy Behar has done everything in her power to demonize Donald Trump every day on her liberal talk show The View. That’s why she was furious on Wednesday when her conservative cohost Jedediah Bila dared to defend Trump, and chaos quickly ensued.

While discussing the “alternative facts” that have been told by Donald Trump and his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, Bila pointed out that Barack Obama’s White House also told lies.

“Every White House does this,” Bila argued, according to Raw Story. “Susan Rice got on TV how many times and blamed a YouTube video for an attack. Barack Obama’s surrogates got on TV and said ‘if you like your plan you can keep it.’”

Behar immediately disagreed, claiming that Obamacare was a “miscalculation,” but Bila explained that it was actually a lie used to trick people into supporting it.

Cohost Sunny Hostin chimed in to point out that Conway had refused to say that Trump did NOT lie.

“Didn’t they impeach President [Bill] Clinton for perjury?” Hostin asked. “They impeached him for lying. [Trump] is lying all the time.”

“Wait a second,” Behar cut in. “He just said we have the highest crime rate than we’ve had in 47 years.” The fact is the crime rate has dropped to a 33-year low.”

Bila continued to argue that “they all lie,” but Behar and Hostin refused to listen.

“That is a false equivalency and you know it,” Hostin said.

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