Judge Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump Immigration Ban

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Last night, Donald Trump got some bad news when the 9th Circuit Court ruled against reinstating his travel ban. Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke out after the ruling to call it “hogwash” and to predict that the Supreme Court will overturn it.

“If you’re from Libya or Somalia, you don’t have constitutional rights. You see that’s the problem with the Left. The first thing they start claiming is that ‘Oh my goodness, the reason it is wrong is that it’s unconstitutional.’ That’s hogwash,” Pirro said on The O’Reilly Factor Thursday night, according to Western Journalism.

In their ruling, the judges said that Trump’s ban was unconstitutional partly because of the due process and First Amendment freedom of religion rights of those seeking to enter the U.S. Both O’Reilly and Pirro scoffed at this, saying that until a person enters the United States, they have no due process rights at all, much less those of a U.S. citizen.

The Fox News hosts then pointed out that neither the state of Washington or Minnesota have standing in this case.

“They do not have a direct, immediate interest,” Pirro said, saying the states filed the lawsuit on behalf of citizens from other countries listed in the executive order. “It’s a third-party interest, maybe, as opposed to the interest of the United States of America, the people, the citizens.”

“A judge should have the scales of justice in front of him or her, which should be the national security of the United States and the interest of the plaintiff,” Pirro continued. “The Supreme Court will give Trump the win on this.”

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