Lena Dunham Caught In SEXIST Rant Against White Women – Then Gets Some NASTY Karma

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Last week, loudmouth liberal actress Lena Dunham appeared on The View to promote the final season of her X-rated HBO show Girls. During her time on the ABC talk show, Dunham launched into a disturbingly sexist attack on white women.

Now, this has come back to bite Dunham in a big way.

“I think it’s really important to remember that it is an incredible problem that 53% of women in this country — 53% of white women in this country voted for Donald Trump which means that they’re not only voting against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them, who they may not understand but whose rights are just as important, but also remember that they are in that case voting against their own best interest,” Dunham said, according to Louder With Crowder. “To me a part of feminism — it’s almost like being a parent to a teenager where they’re so mad at you, they think you’re such a piece of crap and you’re like, I know you hate me right now but the reason I’m doing this is because I love you and I want us all to be safe.”

This is, of course, completely ridiculous. Dunham and her fellow feminists expect all women to vote a certain way simply because they have the same body parts. In addition, black and other minority women have not lost ANY rights since Trump took office, so that argument is completely ignorant.

Many users took to Twitter to let Dunham know EXACTLY what they think of her.

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