Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Canada Opened Door To Refugees – Trump Was Right…

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After Donald Trump signed his temporary travel ban on immigrants from seven different nations with known ties to terrorism, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to say refugees will always be welcome in his country. However, the people of Canada are already regretting this in a big way…

Daily Mail reported that this has had a massively negative on small Canadian towns along the U.S. border, as they have seen a dramatic  increase in refugees from Sudan, Turkey, Syria showing up in their villages. Since January 1, 69 people have applied for refugee status in Canada after illegally crossing into the country from the U.S.

Much of the illegal crossings have occurred in the Canadian town of Emerson, which shares a border with North Dakota and Minnesota. A lot of crossings have also happened in Hemmingford and  Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle in Quebec, on the New York border.

A staggering 28 people crossed into Manitoba, Canada last weekend alone, and locals are already struggling to accommodate them.

“It started with a trickle and has now increased to a flood stage,” resident Brenda Piett said. “Some people are scared, nervous. Locking their doors. This town most people never locked their doors. But recently they are.”

This PROVES once and for all that Trump has been right all along. SHARE this story if you think the travel ban should be reinstated!

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