Muslims Refuse To Remove Burqas In Court – Judge Hits Them With THIS

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Muslims in Australia got some bad news this week when a new law was proposed giving judges the right to jail a Muslim for two weeks or impose a $1,500 fine on them if they refuse to remove their burqa or niqab and show their faces in court.

Daily Mail reported that the law was proposed by the Victorian Opposition, and it will give judges more power to punish bad behaviour in court and settle any misconceptions around contempt of law.

The law also lets judges give fines to witnesses or members of the public for refusing to stand, yelling or protesting in court. The law will have to be passed by the government for it to go into effect, but Opposition Leader Mathew Guy expressed confidence it will go through, citing a growing disrespect for authority in the court room.

“The idea that a defendant can dictate to a judge what they will or will not do is one of the reasons why there is a growing disrespect from some people for our laws and our way of life,” he said. “Whether it is bikie gang members, professional protest groups, or anyone else — no one is free to pick and choose what laws they wish to follow.”

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