Nancy Pelosi Mouths Off To Texas Cowboy – Gets HUMILIATED On Live TV

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Last week, Nancy Pelosi held a Town Hall meeting in the hopes of using it to make Donald Trump look bad. Unfortunately for her, however, the only one who came out of the Town Hall looking bad was her…

IJ Review reported that during the meeting, Texas cowboy Dr. Mike Vickers, a veterinarian, stepped up to ask Pelosi about border security. He explained that he lives in the rural area of Brooks County and that his closest neighbor is a border patrol checkpoint, which he says is one of the most active for the Mexican drug cartel.

“You go to the grocery store. You come home, you live out on a ranch. You pull up to the house, and in the yard your dogs are playing with something that looks like a ball. Upon further investigation you find out it’s a human head,” Vickers told Pelosi, recounting a real experience he had.

“Will you and your Democrat colleagues support President Trump in building the wall or fence, shutting down sanctuary cities and giving more man power to the border patrol?” he asked her.

Clearly thrown off, Pelosi claimed that “we all know” Mexico won’t pay for the wall before moving on to talk about sanctuary cities.

“Our city of San Francisco is a sanctuary city and we see it as a place where it makes us safer. It makes us safer because people can go to school and get driver’s licenses. They can be witnesses against other violence that they see in the community,” she said.

In the end, Pelosi made herself look stupid in front of the entire country with this answer. SHARE this story if you can’t STAND Nancy Pelosi!

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