Pelosi’s Planned ‘Victim’ Tries to Read Planned Question… Flops BIG TIME!

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Liberal fool Nancy Pelosi held a town hall on CNN on Tuesday night in which she said she was taking questions from “ordinary Americans.” Of course, she ended up planting a woman in the audience claimed to be a victim of Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

Unfortunately for Pelosi, however, her plant clearly didn’t practice her lines for the night…

The woman claimed to be the daughter of a Yemeni immigrant who had been kept out of the country due to Trump’s ban. She then looked down at her phone to read a pre-prepared question, and that’s when things went downhill fast. The girl tries multiple times to read the question, but she can’t get through it without making mistakes. It’s almost as if she’s seeing the question for the first time!

Watch as the plant apologizes first to the audience, and then to Pelosi herself, who looks dismayed at the girl’s performance.

This young woman was supposed to appear outraged and emotional about Trump’s ban, but she could do neither because she had no personal attachment to it. Nice try, Nancy, but we see right through your plant!

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