Race-Baiting Thug DRAGS State Trooper Down Highway – Then Two Cowboys Show Up…

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A New York State Trooper was trying to pull over a vehicle in Long Island last Wednesday when things went horribly wrong. Luckily, a couple Good Samaritans were on the scene to let the officer know he is not alone.

GOP The Daily Dose reported that the cop pulled over 29-year-old Kyheem Kelly and informed him that his vehicle had to be towed because the insurance had expired. Kelly immediately became combative and assaulted the officer, who then tried to arrest him. Unfortunately, Kelly was able to drive off at a high speed while the officer was still hanging out of the driver’s side window.

As the driver hung on for dear life, Kelly crashed the car into the center median of the interstate. He then began brutally beating the officer as a stunned witness began shooting the violent scene on her cellphone. A female passenger can be seen escaping Kelly’s vehicle at the beginning of the video.

“He’s trying to get away! Oh sh*t, the cop is bleeding, bro!” the witness filming the incident can be heard screaming as Kelly and the officer fight.

The trooper is clearly doing his best to subdue Kelly, but he’s also stunned and dazed from the crash. Luckily, two cowboys quickly ran up to assist the officer and take the unruly thug down.

“A couple Good Samaritans hopped out of their vehicles, when the officer got the guy, the suspect, out of the car, and as he tried to get him restrained, two Good Samaritans came out of their car and held the guy down,” the witness said.

The cowboys helped the officer arrest Kelly, who has since been charged with aggravated assault on an officer, second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest amongst other charges. The officer was hospitalized with back and neck injuries from the crash. He also had to get stiches to his face due to the assault by Kelly.

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