Regis Philbin Risks Everything To DEFEND Trump

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The liberal entertainment world is so ridiculously liberal that it’s rare to find any celebrity that is brave enough to defy Hollywood by saying anything positive about Donald Trump. That’s why it came as a surprise this week when legendary television host Regis Philbin did just that!

On Wednesday night, the 85 year-old shot down the liberal narrative that Trump’s presidency is the end of the world.

“So far I think he’s done quite well. I mean he’s getting things done that were never done before,” Philbin told TMZ.

The reporter continued to press Philbin for specifics, but he simply smiled and said he’s happy with how Trump has done so far. He also said he wants to give Trump more time.

We’re glad to see that Philbin is willing to give Trump a chance, unlike most of his fellow liberal celebrities!

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