Secret Service Agent Who Spoke Out Against Trump Gets NASTY Dose Of Karma

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Last month, Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady wrote a vile post on Facebook in which she said she would rather go to “jail” than take “a bullet” for President Donald Trump. Now, this has come back to bite her in a big way.

The Blaze reported that the spouses of the special agents in the Denver field office, which O’Grady heads, are circulating a petition online demanding that she be fired for the comments she made about Trump.

“We, the undersigned, are family members and concerned citizens who are urging the leaders in the US Secret Service to act now and terminate SAIC Kerry O’Grady from the duties she boldly stated she will not perform,” the petition stated. “This petition is to make known the sincere concerns that many Special Agent’s wives, loved ones and American citizens have with the written statements made by Kerry O’Grady regarding her unwillingness to conduct herself in a professional manner and to uphold the oath she willingly took 23 years ago.”

The petition continued:

As family members of Special Agents that put their lives on the line every day for “the protective mission,” we are outraged by her lack of respect for her colleagues and those that find themselves under her command. She has lost all credibility with the agents, their families and the American people that pay her salary. US Secret Service agents are the defenders of democracy. They are ALL that stands between those who would harm our national leaders and they are sworn to defend the constitution, giving the ultimate sacrifice if necessary. Ms. O’Grady stated she will not defend our democracy. Her statements show an incredible lack of judgment that can not be tolerated so close to the heart of our government.

The men and women of the US Secret Service are to conduct themselves above reproach, in a constant professional manner to complete the mission, regardless of who the protectee is or their politics. Ms. O’Grady has publicly aligned herself with the worst in our society, those who wish to bring harm on our leaders.

O’Grady is currently on paid leave due to her action, but the spouses wrote in the petition that they believe this is not enough.

“Because of her statements and blatant disregard for her oath, we are asking that the US Secret Service terminate Ms. O’Grady of her duties effective immediately,” they wrote. “She is no longer worthy of trust and confidence.”

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