Shep Smith Mouths Off To Trump – HUGE Mistake

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Ever since Megyn Kelly left Fox News, Shep Smith has been arguably the most anti-Trump host on the network. Now, however, it looks like his anti-Trump rants may finally cost him his job…

Young Conservatives reported that Smith slammed Trump on his show this week over the president’s claim that the news media frequently under reports radical Islamic terror attacks. Smith named several terrorist attacks on Trump’s list that he says Fox News covered extensively.

“The president’s assertion is false. The White House knows that it was false or could have known that it was false with a quick Google check, but either did not do so or decided not to tell the truth,” he said.

Smith brought on Wall Street Journal associate editor John Bussey to help him attack Trump, and the host went on to call the president a liar.

“What they’re saying is not true … Again … Why bother?” he said.

Unfortunately for Smith, however, Fox News fans were offended by his latest anti-Trump rant, and many of them took to Twitter to call for him to be fired.

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