Trump Makes Major Announcement About Air Force One

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A White House insider spoke out this week to reveal that Donald Trump had one major complaint about Air Force One, and it may surprise you.

Daily Mail reported that Trump was so annoyed by the roughness of the hand towels on the presidential aircrafts that he registered a formal complaint. This was only one of a series of strange revelations that were made by the anonymous aide.

The insider also said that Trump hates reading so much that he insists all of his briefing materials be condensed into a single page containing no more than nine bullet points. Trump was also reportedly so worried one night that he didn’t understand the strength of the dollar that he called up someone for advice at 3am. Surprisingly, the person he called was his national security advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who is not known for having economic knowledge.

Perhaps annoyed by receiving the phone call in the middle of the night, Flynn told the president to call a real economist.

Leaks are common for any presidency, but the amount of leaks that have come out from Trump’s White House in the first weeks of his presidency are unprecedented. Liberals are now trying to use this to make Trump look like he’s unfit for office.

Richard Nephew, who worked in Obama’s State Department advising on Iran sanctions, said the leaks could be a result of White House officials trying to cover their own backs.

“This, I think, is about making it clear that these folks have tried to do the right thing and there is only so much they can do with a hostile administration,” he said.

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